data class TokenizeEBTCardParams(val foragePanEditText: ForagePANEditText, val customerId: String? = null, val reusable: Boolean = true)

A model that represents the parameters that Forage requires to tokenize an EBT Card. TokenizeEBTCardParams are passed to the tokenizeEBTCard method.


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constructor(foragePanEditText: ForagePANEditText, customerId: String? = null, reusable: Boolean = true)


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val customerId: String? = null

A unique ID for the customer making the payment. If using your internal customer ID, then we recommend that you hash the value before sending it on the payload.

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A reference to a ForagePANEditText instance. setForageConfig must be called on the instance before it can be passed.

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val reusable: Boolean = true

An optional boolean value that indicates whether the same card can be used to create multiple payments, set to true by default.