data class ForageError(val httpStatusCode: Int, val code: String, val message: String, val details: ForageErrorDetails? = null)

A model that represents an error response from the Forage API.

See also

SDK Errors for a comprehensive list of error code and message pairs.


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constructor(httpStatusCode: Int, code: String, message: String, details: ForageErrorDetails? = null)


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A short string that helps identify the cause of the error. For example, ebt_error_55 indicates that a customer entered an invalid EBT Card PIN.

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An object that includes additional details about the error, when available, like for ebt_error_51 (Insufficient Funds).

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A number that corresponds to the HTTP status code that the Forage API returns in response to the request.

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A string that specifies developer-facing error handling instructions.


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open override fun toString(): String

A method that converts the ForageError response to a string.